Global Podd x Bloggers of Zambia

Open Space Zambia

Free to blog, Free to speak. This is a special podcast serie on freedom of expression in cooperation between Bloggers of Zambia and Global Bar Magazine.

Zambian elections are up-coming. How do new and old laws and regulations affect media and internet coverage of it? With recent examples from Uganda and Tanzania we discuss the recurring crackdown on the freedom to speak on internet.

In a serie of three special episodes we will discuss internet freedom, elections, regulations, manipulations and media ethics with:

  • Richard Mulonga, president of Bloggers of Zambia
  • Fatma Karume, barrister from Tanzania, barred from practicing law in her own country
  • Stella Nyanzi, Ugandan human rights activist, poet, and medical anthropologist
  • Joan Barata, international expert on media and cyber laws

Election and freedom of expression is the first theme to be discussed in a series of podcasts on our basic human rights to express opinions. The Zambian general elections will be held on 12 August and only four months ahead of it a new cyber law was passed in 2021. Some sections in this new law could have serious impacts on the freedom of expressions, according to Richard Malunga. How are new and old laws and regulations affecting media and internet coverage of elections? With recent examples from Uganda and Tanzania Stella Nyanzi and Fatma Karume discuss the recurring crack down on the freedoms during their elections, held in Tanzania in October 2020 and in Uganda in January 2021. Joan Barata, an international expert on media and cyber laws, gives a world view on the basic freedoms we all should enjoy and show how the limits cyber laws passed can have on these rights. Host is David Isaksson, CEO and editor of Global Bar Magazine.

Bloggers of Zambia is an emerging, independent and non-profit enterprise working in Internet Governance and Digital Rights, Media Rights and Freedoms and Online Creative Content Management. Read more here.

The podcast is part of a project called Re-Opening the Space, funded by Creative Force, a program run by the Swedish Institute.

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