This huge theatre we call life

Lama in peace. Photo: Davood Mousavi

If for anyone it is to leave a piece of themselves anywhere in the world, for me it is about finding my missing pieces. From Tehran and Shiraz to Stockholm and to an Indian temple to the plains of Peru, Bolivia and Chile my parts have been forgotten and lost. Or maybe I am just playing a role in this huge theatre, we call life, in front of this vast backdrop, we call the earth. We can think the silence and the travel ban as interludes between two acts of the play. A moment to rethink about the reasons we travel and our role in this travelling roadshow. What we have done under name of travel is mostly creating cultural pollution. With our narrow views trying to understand the different cultures, we come armed with our hand luggage, cameras and selfie-sticks. Maybe this silence is a great way to end act one and re-evaluate this play. Let nature breathe, cheetahs and llamas to relax, grass grows in Machu Picchu. No cameras, no selfies, no flashlights. Let’s be alone and reflect for a moment and hope to perform better in act 2. #DREAMJOURNEYS

Davood Mousavi, from Tehran, stranded in Stockholm, dreaming about Peru.

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